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When looking for reassurance that Krakatoa is the right pre-school for your child, there is no better way to feel confident about your choice than to hear how other parents, children and local schools feel about us.  Below are some recent testimonials which should give you peace of mind that you are choosing the best pre-school for your child.

From parents

Krakatoa has been incredible for our 2 boys –  they have grown in confidence, speech ability and awareness of others drastically since attending.  I love that they accept each child with their own little ways, and nurture and develop their own personalities.  Jeanette and the team are exceptional – I truly cannot speak highly enough about them.  Leaving your children is always hard but somehow is remarkably easy at Krakatoa because they literally run through the door!  I feel very lucky to have found them!

(Vickey Reid, 2016)

My children both really thrived at Krakatoa. They are very different personalities and the staff knew them both so well and encouraged and guided them in ways which suited them as individuals. I always felt able to chat to them about any worries I had about the children and when my first son started as a new mum I felt really supported. The staff go above and beyond and I am so grateful that we found this gem of a preschool.

(Nicola Moore, 2016)

We currently have child number 3 at Krakatoa and all have really loved it there.  The atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly and the staff really care.  I would never consider sending my angels (!) anywhere else!

(Catherine Gallacher, 2016)

Krakatoa has been amazing for my two sons.  It has never been hard to leave them there because I know they are cared for and well looked after while having a great time playing and learning with friends.  I like the structure that the mornings have, it means I can ask the right questions for them to tell me about their day.  They always love being the “helper of the day” and the outdoors play is a favourite activity.  The staff at Krakatoa put so much thought and effort into each week it amazes me constantly!

(Luarena Durston, 2015)

Krakatoa has been a brilliant preschool – we are so very sad that Cullum’s time has almost come to an end, as he moves onto big school.  Krakatoa has really nurtured Cullum into a young little boy and he has grown so much during his time.  It has certainly helped develop and prepare our son for his next step in life – big school. There is always a lovely warm and friendly welcome in the mornings and when I pick him up from school, he is always happy and has a smile on his face.  All the staff are always so helpful and always so full of wonderful ideas.  I have already recommended Krakatoa to friends and family, and will definitely continue to do so.

Shereen Brookes, 2015)

A selection of the children’s favourite things about Krakatoa

I love all the different toys and games, especially the lego and puzzles.  I love all my friends and everyone is friendly. I love being the helper

(Callum, aged 4)

Going to Krakatoa makes me happy.

(Noah aged 4)

I like playing with my friends and singing songs.

(Isaac aged 3)

I like the toys, playing in the garden, reading all the books and having lunch with my friends at Krakatoa.

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(Sean, aged 3)

I like dancing and learning about caterpillars, I like going on the seesaw and the slide, and I like making things with play-doh.

(Holly, aged 2)

Krakatoa is better than Whizz Kidz.

(Hattie, age 3)

I like playing with my friends and going in the garden.  Denise reads me a story, Jeanette made some crocodiles, and Sue helps me draw.

(Wilfred, aged 4)

I like singing songs with Denisey and making red play doh with Sue.

(Sophie, age 4)

I like bananas and I like the mud kitchen, story time and playing with my friend, I love Krakatoa.

(Abbie, age 4)

I think it is really good, I actually miss it because it’s fun.  It gets the little ones ready for big school.

(Stanley, aged 5, last year’s leaver)


From parents

Having just relocated to South Oxfordshire I was keen to find the right pre-school for my 3yr old son. I looked at five pre-schools in the area and for me Krakatoa stood out above the rest. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and inviting, with the right mix of organised/structured play where the children can choose to participate if they wish. A calm and fun environment with caring and supportive staff. A perfect combination!

(Emma Palmer, 2014)

Krakatoa Pre-School has surpassed our high expectations in every way. Rob absolutely adores the staff and other children, and has enjoyed every single day he has been. The atmosphere is always light hearted, and the staff members are superb – very caring and fun. The happiness of the children at Krakatoa is testament to the welcoming and caring environment created by all the staff. Rob has learnt so much since he started, and as a family we feel nowhere else could offer him such a magical experience.

(Sarah Mitchell-Smith, 2014)

I have two girls, one who has been to Krakatoa and one who is still there. Both have loved every minute of their pre-school life, whether it be the structured table based activities or the ‘free time’ both in and outside. The staff have always been so welcoming and with the ratio of qualified staff being so high, my girls have always had all the care and attention that they needed in order for them  to develop into lovely rounded children. The transition to school from Krakatoa for my eldest was seamless and although she missed pre-school, she never looked back! Without doubt, Krakatoa has been a great start  to learning life! In other words, we love you all!

(Victoria Balls, 2014)

We chose Krakatoa for our son as we had heard such good things about it from other parents. For us, Krakatoa is a caring, friendly and welcoming pre-school which provides a great environment for our son to play and learn. With lovely approachable staff who genuinely seem to care for and look after the children, taking a real interest in their well-being and development. The children get to play with and be involved in lots of different activities every day and enjoy a lovely outdoor play area. As a parent, it’s lovely to see my child having so much fun!

(Dawn Lawley, 2014)


A selection of the children’s favourite things about Krakatoa, 2014

Playing with everybody …. Playing outside ….. Being a helper ….. The children are really good ….. It’s really fun ….. Everything! ….. Tidying up ….. Because we do writing and colouring and sometimes we go onto the big field ….