Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish – Reviews. Model reading Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish – Photograph by Ellen Rogers

By | September 2, 2020

Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish – Reviews. Model reading Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish – Photograph by Ellen Rogers

Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish could be the guide that created the idea of exophilia — an attraction that is abnormal beings from globes beyond planet.

“Things are receiving weird nowadays, to such an extent that imaginary obsessions such as for example exophilia, the ‘abnormal attraction to beings from globes beyond planet’ this is the topic associated with the underground novel Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, are just starting to seem downright plausible. ” — Mark Dery, “Sex Organs Sprout Every Where”

San Francisco Bay Area Bay Guardian

” What intrigued me personally concerning the guide had been Supervert’s seductively way that is nasty of the dark part of hopeful Carl Sagan-ite speculations about our celestial cohorts. The overarching parable for the guide is due to certainly one of the best subjects: fucking. But this is simply not the delighted space that is outer of Barbarella and John Varley novels. Mercury de Sade’s sexual fetish for aliens finally boils down to something much more fundamental than intercourse. Just just just What he would like to do with aliens is fuck them over, hurt them, utilize them. Mercury de Sade is not hoping that enlightened beings through the Crab Nebula will show humans to call home in comfort. He’d instead see space that is outer a form of earth: filled with abused kids, desperate prostitutes, subjugated individuals, and dupes of ill-concealed manipulation. ” ? Annalee Newitz

NB: This text additionally starred in The Metro (Silicon Valley) as well as on alternet.org.

Mark Dery, “Sex Organs Sprout Every Where”

In September 2005 the Art and Politics of Netporn symposium, billed as “the very first major worldwide meeting on netporn criticism, ” took spot in Amsterdam. Author Mark Dery offered a lecture en titled “Intercourse Organs Sprout every where: The Sublime in addition to Grotesque in internet Porn. ” Their lecture talked about how a internet has gotten so freakish that it generates ETSF sound prophetic: “Things are becoming strange around, to such an extent that imaginary obsessions such as for example exophilia, the ‘abnormal attraction to beings from globes beyond planet’ that’s the topic regarding the underground novel Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish, are needs to appear downright plausible. “

Lust Magazine

“Really, this is actually the form of intellectual riffing on intercourse that the reader can get from Supervert (or in other words, Mercury de Sade) in Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish. It’s this that couple live cam sets it besides the usual Virgin Megastore ‘hip publications’ division pop-lit offerings. It is good. ETSF really has thought that is profound with its sci-fi intercourse perversions. If you should be a thinker or a pervert (or preferably both) ? ETSF will amuse. ” ? Jack Malebranche

Absinthe Literary Review

“Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish is nothing short of brilliant. Had Immanuel Kant, William Burroughs, Carl Jung, the Marquis de Sade, as well as an extremely libidinous Captain Kirk been confined up to a single spacecraft to compose a book, ETSF might have been the end result. That this montage of explanation, condition, and style that is literary the job of 1 author is laudable; so it not just hangs together but spins and thrums, producing an amazing, demented cosmos is really a miracle; that the writer of these an excellent tasks are called Supervert is hysterical. It, you should purchase this guide. For those who have philosophical and transgressive cohones big enough to understand”


“If you are of an especially intellectual bent, and luxuriate in sly jokes about Western metaphysics, you are able to choose a copy up of Supervert’s diabolical book Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish. “

Annalee Newitz, Ten of this Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You Will Ever Read

“A demented, hilarious, and theory-geekish story of Mercury De Sade, whom fancies sex with aliens and sets out to inform you, your reader, precisely how to obtain what you need out of each and every feasible kind of alien creature. Creepy in components, this is simply not a real guide designed to allow you to get down therefore much as to get you to take into account the system of desire it self. Full of strange interpretations of French philosophy linked to life that is alien that is a novel which will bring your breathing away if you receive down on post-structuralism and humping ET. “

Intercourse and Guts Magazine

“Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish is amongst the many astonishing publications to turn out in years, and honestly I am challenged to call another journalistic undertaking that equals its aspiration and imagination. High in wry humor, intriguing propositions and erotica that is fantastical Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish indulges the sensory faculties and enriches the head. A must-read for those of you with penchants for erotica, technology fiction, philosophy, technology ? as well as for sex-positives every-where. “

Temporary Loss Of Memory

“Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish, as literary works, is an effort to achieve escape velocity, to blast removed from the dead lands of Western writings to explore brand new realms of intellectual and endeavour that is sensual. “

Eros We We Blog

“there is a whole lot for most people in this strange guide, particularly if you have actually one thing for grays or small green guys or alien giantesses. Generally speaking, the sex that is alien are very imaginative. “

The Weekly Alibi

“This is basically the yucky premise of Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish, a fresh experimental novel that owes a substantial amount of its overall taste to gross-out pioneer William S. Burroughs. If you are effortlessly offended, then this guide just isn’t for you personally. Areas of this novel are incredibly vile and graphic. Nevertheless, you must admire the sheer audacity of the literary task. Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish is a strange but work that is mostly satisfying of lunacy. “


“Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish is 209 pages of alien-oriented fiction, intercourse, and philosophy by some individual or entity called Supervert.

There clearly was much humor that is dark the written text, which bring to mind Burroughs or Cronenberg. Simply speaking, lots of people might turn away due to the unorthodox intimate content right right here, but it is a thought-provoking and interesting work. “

Yellow Rat Bastard

“This guide is situated round the premise that some individuals suffer with an ailment referred to as exophilia, an irregular attraction that is sexual beings off their globes. The writer simply therefore occurs to suffer with this condition himself, and writes about his inter-galactic dreams in a pace that is schizophrenic